Building a Connected Organizational Culture with Alejandro Tocigl, CEO of Miroculus


Miroculus is a growing biotech company building Miro Technology to meet the full challenge of biotechnology research and development – from NGS sample preparation to small molecule chemistry to synthetic biology.


The company's mission is to advance science and improve lives faster, together. Their vision is to make the most complex protocols easy and accessible to scientists everywhere.


In this interview, Ramin Sedehi, CSA of EmC Leaders, and Alejandro Tocigl, Co-founder and CEO of Miroculus, share how the Emotional Connection strategy (EmC) has transformed the organizational culture at Miroculus.


For teams to accomplish their mission and stay true to their vision, Alejandro recognized that teams need to be connected. He decided to connect teams at a deeper level and strengthen working relationships through emotional connections so that individuals feel safe to express ideas and collaborate freely.


For the past three years, they have seen a transformation through the integration of EmC, which helped them to stay resilient in times of uncertainty and stress, and become stronger together.