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CEOs and Emotional Brain

Understanding how the brain works starts with emotional connection. Emotional connection is essential to our overall performance, insuring our brain […]

How CEOs and Directors Can Implement Appreciation & Recognition

Motivation and inspiration play a key role in board performance. One of the easiest ways to increase these two elements […]

Elevate Board Performance for CEOs and Directors: Increase Emotional Connection

If you observe successful boards, you will see that they have unrivaled ability to cooperate, trust, and manage through hard […]

All-Star Panelists Will Lead 2016 Board Dynamics Session

  The 2016 Board Dynamics Session How to Unite Your Board in Times of Adversity is less than a month […]

When To Hire Outside Counsel – A CEOs Guide

When a board faces any type of crossroads where a big decision is required—but especially in the case of a […]

Benefit Your Board: 3 Markers of Engagement

Board engagement is one of the most important aspects of an board of directors. CEOs should have a heightened awareness […]

Managing Presentations at Board Meetings: 3 Rules for CEOs

One aspect of board dynamics that often gets overlooked is the importance of successful presentations. A good presentation can breathe […]

The Importance of Safe Environments in Boardrooms

We know that when people feel good about where they are, their performance increases. This is especially true of board […]


Is Your Board Functional?

In 2015 Volkswagen shocked their shareholders when the truth came out about their emissions testing. The German car giant had […]

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